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Timehands- Embrace the Moment

Who in the world am I? Ahh, that is the great puzzle.” Lewis Carroll

'Embrace the moment' - Timehands is more than just my photography website. It is a way to express art and to celebrate the spirit that lives inside it. Thoughts and expressions shimmer in the moments and influence our being. When a picture captures this feelings, then Art is made.

Art gives a spiritual depth to existence. My source of inspiration is derived from various other artists and spiritual thinkers. Timehands is a way to appreciate all such people who bring us close to our true nature, and in whose art and thoughts we seek the truth. Over the next couple of years, I would like to make pictures and show them through these other art forms and thoughts. My Inspiration

Through Timehands I wish to reach out to other artists, and connect to people who might have similar thinking. I hope you will enjoy my photographs and my writings. Please feel free to contact me and become part of my search.

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