I am quite facinated by the thing called normal daily life. Since I started serious photography, shooting people has become my favourite hobby and a growing passion. While I still very much like cool landscapes, the idea of shooting people take this to a whole new plane for me.

The fleeting expression on a face is mostly an unspoken story, never to be repeated again. I look for those unsung moments, feeling a little guilty in picking those rare occasions and giving it a common feel. But then, this is what makes it exciting, each picture making me seem like a catch in the wild!

My Equipment

I own Canon 7D camera with three great lenses which are 24-105 L lens, 10-22 wide angle, and the simple and great prime lens 50 1.8f. I have a home studio setup with two of Canon’s most advanced speed lights ex 600 rt and the light umbrella. I wish to buy the telephoto 100-400 and the macro 100 2.8f, but then I would wait to venture into these new areas when I feel like digressing a bit from my portraiture world.

Contact Details

Please contact me at and my Facebook account